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"THE PURPLE HEART, a historical novel of the Japanese American experience during WWII, has had a profound effect on me and forced me to search for underlying reasons on why I reacted the way I did. I am a veteran of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and my entire family was uprooted and..." continue reading
What people are saying

“Vincent's story is written with a gentle yet raw realism that captured my attention, heart and mind right from the start. As the daughter of a WWII 442nd combat veteran, the battle scenes were particularly gripping in their descriptiveness, action, suspense and realism.”
~ Monique Morimoto, AmazonReview

“I was so extremely happy that I took advantage of the free download, but would pay for a book of this caliber and read any time! It so touched so many emotions, and rang so true to all that I know of the internment camps and 442nd.”
~ Tsurgurl, AmazonReview

“Yee moves seamlessly between present and past events with the emotion and precise detail of an biographer. I found myself continually doubting that this was a fictional piece of work. It was simply stunning. I can't remember the last time a book made me cry both tears of sadness and joy. If you are on the fence about this book - don't be. It was incredible.”
~ Neka, AmazonReview

“This book is showing how often actions and lives are unknown to the ensuing generations.”
~ Pamela J. Upshaw, AmazonReview

“I could not Put this Book Down! Marvelous historical novel about a time the USA prefers not to remember…Yee's writing style is interesting and intelligent. The characters come alive…It also stresses how prejudices (on both sides) are usually fueled by Fear and Insecurity. WONDERFUL Book in every way.”
~ FLreader, AmazonReview

“Hands down the best love story I have ever read...  I cried so much throughout the book... even thinking about parts of the book is making me cry right now…  The Purple Heart is inspirational, powerful, and impossible to put down.”
~ Hana, AmazonReview

“I am a bit of a history buff and Thought I was well versed on American history. What a shameful time for our country.”
~ Linda Latham Baker, AmazonReview

“The creates a beautiful and touching story around a little known event and shameful part of U.S. history when Japanese Americans were gathered into camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Masterfully told and makes you wonder could this happen again in this country.”
~ Table4Two, AmazonReview

“Something made me download the book and I put off reading it. Then once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. WWII is not my thing but this book and the characters were so compelling that you just fell in love, laughed and cried along with them. The pacing was excellent and I couldn't believe this was a first book for this author.”
~ LB, AmazonReview

“Above all else, from inception to the very last page, Vincent was truly able to draw out the emotional experience of all the characters in The Purple Heart. To be candid, I never expected to be so touched (and yes, I even shed a few tears!), but after reading this book, Vincent has masterfully paid homage to the Japanese Americans.”
~ b.redsangral, AmazonReview

I was immediately addicted to this book once I opened it and could not put it down. A love story, a war story, and a mystery. I cried and laughed! I highly recommend this book.”
~ anonymous, Barnes & Noble Review


“The love story unfolds like a flower that gets more and more beautiful as it blossoms. I got so caught up in the story that I spent half of my Saturday (7 straight hours) reading from middle to end! I can't remember the last time I did that. I smiled to myself when moments were happy, I cried on the pages when the moments were sad, and I had to stop myself from speed reading through sentences to find out what happens when moments were exciting!”
~ Natalie, AmazonReview

“It was well written and brought tears to my eyes! I read it prior to reading Gone Girl and actually enjoyed reading the purple heart more than that book!”
~ MC, AmazonReview

“I've never had any desire to read a "love story," BUT...I LOVE "The Purple Heart!" Vincent Yee paints such vivid, emotional pictures with his words, my mouth hurts from smiling so much. The last chapter had me in tears too.”
~ Lynn Crisci, AmazonReview

“It's not the first book I've read dealing with internment of the Japanese American population during WWII but it's one of the best and the only one that also dealt with those men who fought for this country even when they had been treated so badly.”
~ Joyce Moyer, AmazonReview

“The plotline is filled with painstakingly detailed descriptions -- of day-to-day living in the camp, of intimate encounters between a boy and a girl, of bloody face-to-face confrontations with the Nazis on the front, and even of the built-up emotional tension between a pitcher and a batter, and players and spectators, in what turns out to be a high-stakes baseball game.”
~ Twinkly Girl, AmazonReview

“The author has done a remarkable job of giving color and life to an important period of our American history that has received scant discussion over the years.”
~ AHS, AmazonReview

“It's also a story about World War II and the 442nd Regiment, one of the most decorated regiments in U.S. history… this story is valuable because it sheds light on an aspect of (Asian) American history that isn't in most history books, and because it highlights the Asian American male perspective.”
~ AmazonC, AmazonReview

“The Purple Heart’ engrosses you from the start, you are drawn into the characters of the story and what occurs for them.”
~ PBD, AmazonReview

“From the first page, I got lost in the mystery, the suspense and the enchanting love story. It was a page turner and it was hard to put the book down.”
~ Linda C., AmazonReview

“I was skeptical at first especially with the words ‘Love Story’ written in front, but once I started reading, I couldn't put it down… I could love and hate a character within the same chapter. It will make you laugh, cry, sigh and even gasp!”
~ Wendy C., AmazonReview

“I love the ending where he tells multiple stories simultaneously, that was brilliantly done. It almost felt like I was watching a movie... actually, I could see a movie based on this book.”
~ Jane Li, AmazonReview

The End? Not The End Just Yet
Finished The Purple Heart? If so, I hope that you got lost in the story and came to love the characters. If this story moved you, please consider writing a review for Amazon, Barnes & Noble and goodreads. Please share with your friends because, you won't just simply be helping a new and struggling author, but you can help bring this lost chapter of American history back to life. Thank you!

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